keyboard Shortcut for Windows

Here, is the List of keyboard Shortcut keys For Windows, I hope U like this.

Computer Keyword Shortcut For Windows

These Keyword Shortcut keys make easy to daily use of Computer.

CTRL + CCopy
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + ATo Select All Files/text etc.
CTRL + FTo Search
CTRL + WClose
CTRL + DTo Delete selected Folder/File
CTRL + NOpen New Tab/window
CTRL + Lhelps To Edit Address
Shift + DeleteDelete item permanently without placing the item in the recycle bin
Ctrlhelps to select an item with a mouse click
CTRL+SHIFT then Dragging an ItemCreate a Shortcut file to the selected item
F2 KeyTo Rename
Alt + EnterTo view properties
ESC To escape the current Task
BlackspaceTo Go Back in the Windows Explorer
F5 keyTo Refresh
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate a New Folder

List Of Windows Key Shortcut

Windows Key helps you to do windows related things. like Open Windows Explorer,

Windows Key Open Start Menu
Windows Key + EOpen Windows Explorer
Windows Key + AOpen Action Center
Windows Key + IOpens Windows Setting
Windows Key + GOpen Games DVR bar
Windows Key + FOpen FeedBack hub
Windows Key + Ctrl + DCreate new virtual Desktop
Windows Key + CActivate Cortana
Windows Key + SOpen Search Everwhere
Windows Key + TABTo See Task
Windows Key + UOpen Utility Manager
Windows Key + ROpen Run dialog box


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